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Cutout is a plugin for Autodesk Maya for the purpose of building real paper models out of paper from your virtual 3d models.


  • Converts an arbitrary triangular mesh modeled or loaded into maya to a printable papercraft
  • Papercraft is directly generated in the maya scene -- no need to export
  • Handles arbitrary material (also mixed) on the mesh: textures, single colors, materials etc.
  • Original mesh can be optionally deleted or kept in the scene
  • Final page size of the papercraft can be limited
  • The final pieces of paper can be arranged side by side, as an animation, or stacked
  • Papercraft is generated axis-aligned for easy printing and/or rendering
  • The size of the lugs can be adjusted
  • Undo/Redo capable
  • Compatibility: Windows, Mac OSX
  • Demo version available

The manual is available for download: Manual (english); Manual (german)

Copyright 2014 Dunreeb Gutschke and Klie GbR